Know Your Product Assessment

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The Know Your Product (KYP) obligation of the Client Focused Reforms (CFRs) requires wealth firms to monitor for significant product changes and assess the impact to a client's portfolio.

With almost 1,000 significant changes occurring every week, this is impossible to do manually.  And this task becomes even more difficult when monitoring is extended to advisors.

As Canada’s leader in significant change monitoring, InvestorCOM is offering a comprehensive assessment of the significant changes that have occurred on your shelf and to your advisors' books of business.



Robert Allen Caldwell Securities Ltd

“Products are always changing; some of those changes are material and ShelfMonitor makes it easier for our compliance team to filter the data and focus on what matters.”


- Robert Allen, Chief Compliance Officer, Caldwell Securities Ltd.

Why do a KYP Assessment?

  • Fill the gap between the effective date of the CFRs and the launch of your monitoring program
  • Assess the effectiveness of your current monitoring program
  • Determine how to effectively involve your advisors without overwhelming them with data

What does the KYP Assessment include?

  • An assessment of significant changes to your product shelf 
  • A simulation of an advisor-focused monitoring program 
  • Recommendations on how to configure and optimize your KYP / product due diligence program

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